Shopkeeper HQ

Thanks for visiting! This site is for people who are building an e-commerce shop. I have designs, photos and mock-ups to help you build your business. 

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Who am I?

My name is Cindy Bendel. I live in Virginia with my family. I’m a graphic artist and have been selling online since 2006. I’ve seen how the e-commerce space has evolved and I’m excited to see where it’s at right now. I firmly believe there is plenty of space for everyone. I started ShopkeeperHQ to help others out. I understand how it is when you’re running your own business and have to wear many hats. Some people simply don’t have enough time in their day to make designs, print them on products, and handle the shipping, marketing and customer service that comes along with all that. It's very challenging! So that’s where I step in. As I build this site, I’m excited to share resources to help you.

How I got started

In 2006, I started selling on I didn’t know a lick about design or selling online. I signed up because it was something fun to try. I’m a hobby photographer and wanted to sell postcards of my photos. Whenever they sent me a check in the mail I would get excited. 

Since then Zazzle has come a long way. When they started offering invitations, I saw that as my opportunity to learn design. I signed up for classes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I learned about color theory and basic design concepts.

Over the years my work improved, and I have reached gold level in Zazzle’s designer program. Here is one of my stores:

Gold level simply means my designs have brought in a certain amount of sales for the company. You can learn about their designer levels here.

I also started an Etsy store in 2018 to sell digital resources for other shop owners:

LIfestyle Photos Mockups and Digital Resources by ShopkeeperHQ (

Although I love Etsy, it gets cumbersome to renew items and maintain listings. I decided to build this independent website where I can just have listings year round.

As a creative person I am always learning and growing. I consider myself a lifetime student. When the pandemic started, I learned illustration and story telling. And in the spring of 2021 I published my first children's book. I have a read-aloud version on Youtube

So that's it about me. Why do I share this? Because you can do it too. I never went to art school or got a graphic design degree (though it certainly would have helped me). But I was willing to learn. And if I can do it, so can you! Now stop reading this and get to work:)